Why can’t I work with my family members?!

    Working with small, privately-held businesses, I often encountered and got to personally know parents and children who run their companies together. Some relationships thrive and achieve great business successes while others seem to struggle.

    My dad and I have been in business together for nearly 14 years — the first years we struggled understanding our differences despite having the same objective. In the moment we understood the tips and tricks growth based relationship, and outlined each others role, we got more clarity towards our common objective and managed to achieve it.

    When you partnership with your family and don’t know how to ensure a good communication which is oftenly caused by the generational gap, you need guidance in understanding how to create and handle a healthy relationship.

    Together with your parent/child you can flourish, grow and achieve great successes for your business and all this is one step away, through accepting the challenge of choosing me as your mentor.

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